Do Co-Owners Need Home Insurance

Do Co-Owners Need Home Insurance

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Since the condominium union already has insurance, one wonders whether it is necessary for the co-owners to have home insurance. The answer is yes. Is that the insurance of the Condominium union does not cover your property.
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Your condominium insurance also includes a liability insurance. For example, you forget the bathtub and the water overflows, spawns a path and floods different units. In such a case, your insurance would intervene and your insurer would compensate those who suffered damage.
What else covers the co-owner insurance?
In addition to your civil liability and personal property, a co-owner’s home insurance also covers any improvements you have made in your condo, or those you have acquired at the time of purchase.
What are the improvements?
These are the improvements chosen during the purchase or brought by you over the years:

A heat pump that you have installed;
A new flooring
A granite counter that

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