Home Renovate Which Will Inspire You

Home Renovate Which Will Inspire You – With this project of home renovation, we will complete our topic is Architecture, while inviting you to make a beautiful discovery : the Invermark House. The project in question is undertaken by the office SAOTA, of which our readers the most faithful already know quite well the work.

Home Renovate Which Will Inspire You
Home Renovate Which Will Inspire You.

The Invermark House is a luxurious residence built by the architect Gilbert Colyn. This home has been inspired by the work of the architect from South Africa on two other residences similar to: the Glass House and the Farnsworth House. The Glass House has since become a model of luxury residence modern. Completed in 1949, it was built for the account of Philip Johnson. The Farnsworth House, meanwhile, is one of the great icons of modernism in architecture. Completed in 1951, she was commissioned by Mies van der Rohe.

Located in this same line of architectural style and design of the outside, the Invemark House itself was completed in 1969. After having experienced a certain popularity, she is also descended into oblivion. This stage of its existence has been marked by a period during which the house is found in a state of particularly degraded.

Home Renovate Which Will Inspire You
Home renovate design modern exterior.

To add to all this the house to renovate that has been relooked by SAOTA recently had undergone a series of renovations inside the course of the years. Unfortunately, these works continued to worsen its condition prior to the project.

Home Renovate Which Will Inspire You

home renovate design modern inspiration
Home renovate design modern inspiration.

It is for the reason that in 2013, the director of the company, Stefan Antoni, has finally decided to act. It all started with the purchase of the property he has acquired himself. He thus hoped to be able to start work on makeover house that would enable it to restore its shine.

A project of home renovation that can inspire those who dream to do a makeover of an old house.

home renovate design modern re-looking interior
Home renovate design modern re-looking interior.

The bet of the director of the company has proved entirely successful. As the photos show, this idea of makeover house for renovation has been carried out with a lot of enthusiasm. The eye led to the detail of Stefan Antoni and his team has definitely contributed a lot to the final result. It can also inspire all those who dream to do a makeover of an old house.

A part of this project house to renovate has been the change of the location of the outdoor swimming pool. It has been transferred to the part behind the house, the more dark and little inviting, to the front. The result the terrace with outdoor pool will now benefit from full sun and an atmosphere much more pleasant. It even offers a view of the sea !

renovation home exterior idea terrace swimming pool design modern
Renovation home exterior idea terrace swimming pool design modern.

In place of the old swimming pool, the team has created a new garden in a modern style. A portion of the interior space now on this peaceful corner of nature.

Inside of the house to renovate, the screens have been removed. This change has completely transformed the space inside, allowing the light flow in the space. The whole of the interior has been decorated to create an ambience both modern and cozy, with particular attention to detail.

renovation home exterior idea terrace swimming pool design
Renovation home exterior idea terrace swimming pool design

Like the common spaces, those of rest and relaxation and are decorated in a modern style. They offer all the comfort that one can expect from a luxury home of modern design.

So this is a project house to renovate run with a lot of success. To such A point that the creator of the house, Gilbert Colyn would have been impressed by the version of the house changed. Credits by SAOTA

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