Home Renovate Which Will Inspire You

Home Renovate Which Will Inspire You

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Home Renovate Which Will Inspire You – With this project of home renovation, we will complete our topic is Architecture, while inviting you to make a beautiful discovery : the Invermark House. The project in question is undertaken by the office SAOTA, of which our readers the most faithful already know quite well the work.
Home Renovate Which Will Inspire You.
The Invermark House is a luxurious residence built by the architect Gilbert Colyn. This home has been inspired by the work of the architect from South Africa on two other residences similar to: the Glass House and the Farnsworth House. The Glass House has since become a model of luxury residence modern. Completed in 1949, it was built for the account of Philip Johnson. The Farnsworth House, meanwhile, is one of the great icons of modernism in architecture. Completed in 1951, she was commissioned by Mies van der Rohe.
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