How to Prepare An Application For A Home Insurance

In the area of home insurance, each owner, co-owner or tenant has its own needs. Fortunately, it is possible to choose from a large number of insurance protections and customize its font.

How to Prepare An Application For A Home Insurance
How to Prepare An Application For A Home Insurance

Home Insurance 101 Homeowners insurance covers, among other things, the residential building, its dependencies, the property that is there and even the goods they bring on their travels. For their part, the co-owners have special insurance needs to cover their personal property and depending on the type of condominium they hold. Tenants are encouraged to take home insurance to ensure their property, such as furniture, clothing, electronic equipment and sporting goods. According to data from the insurance Bureau of Canada, only 67% of the tenants in Quebec are insured.

Protection in Civil liability The scope of a home insurance contract also includes guarantees for civil liability that cover you in the event of accidental damage to other persons. For example, you will be protected if your child accidentally breaks a window, if you damage a car with your shopping cart or if you injure someone by accident with your parasol during the holidays.

Personalized Home Insurance coverage In addition to the well-known insurance coverages (fire, theft, vandalism), you could add additional protections to your home insurance to cover damage caused by groundwater or surface infiltration, or by Sewer discharge. Protection for above-ground water, including water that seeps through the roof or through the windows, is also available.

Swimming pool or spa If you have a swimming pool or spa, it is advisable to add a special additional protection for these, which will cover these goods as well as the equipments.

For discerning collectors If you have a passion for stamps, works of art, foreign currency or sports cards, be aware that the amount of insurance covering the collections is limited. Depending on the value of your collection, special insurance coverage may be required.

Same thing for car insurance? If you are thinking about buying a new vehicle, did you know that the specialists recommend getting auto insurance quotes before making your purchase? They have observed in recent years that several buyers underestimated the cost of the insurance premium attached to their new vehicle. Once the vehicle is purchased, and in front of a too high auto insurance premium, they make the questionable choice of sacrificing insurance protections that are very useful in reducing the amount of their premium; A decision that could be very costly in the event of an accident.