large plaster statue

large plaster statue

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Ceramic repairer: the woman who glued the pieces – Since she was a little girl, Sophie Thrushe Rouleau is a tinker. She was trying to repair all the objects that fell on her hand. This autodidact was apprenticed for two years at Mr Fix It, a Montreal repair shop, before opening her own workshop.
The large plaster statue was stored in the garage for weeks when, as a guarantor of her car, the client receded a little too. photo credit François Roy
Sophie Thrushe Rouleau carries out a profession as rare as necessary: it restores ceramic and porcelain objects. From the Cove of a cup of dish service having belonged to your grandmother to the rare object of a collection passing through the trinket reported travel, virtually everything is repaired! Portrait of a passionate person who makes many happy by gluing the pieces.
It specializes in parts of ceramic, porcelain, plaster and ivory

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