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Although the exterior architecture of a house gives it its style, or even its personality, it is inside that the real issue of the quality of life and the realization of the special needs of the occupants is found. Comfort, space, light, conviviality, energy savings are all aspects that need to be taken into account when designing, for the architecture of a living space that responds to everyone’s lifestyle and promotes well-being on a daily basis.

Layout of House Parts and Interior Design
Layout of House Parts and Interior Design

Layout of House parts and interior design: The layout of the parts

The layout of the rooms inside a house is one of the fundamental elements that defines the space and the lifestyle of the inhabitants. By the compartmentalization of individual parts or the creation of open spaces, the articulation of the different functions of a house has a practical dimension which must incorporate the needs of each one and the common life of all, limiting the losses of spaces, and allow the development of a custom interior architecture.

Designing the interior of a house according to the outside
Designing the interior of a house according to the outside

Designing the interior of a house according to the outside
Natural light and its impact on the quality of life of the occupants and on the energy needs is also an important element in the design, as is the orientation of your terrain and the external environment. The characteristics of certain terrains will lead to the creation of large glazed spaces to enjoy the sun in the south or a view, functional parts (garage, laundry, cellar, etc.) in the north or exposed to the wind to reduce the losses of energy and Make an ecological and economical house on the long-term.

Stay View
Stay View

The layout of parts and volumes of a house
A high ceiling height, beyond the 2, 50m, allows to create a very pleasant impression of space, to create windows that offer exceptional points of view on the outside or to create mezzanines that allow to maximize the use of certain spaces. But the ceiling height also generates more heating needs; Be careful to properly arbitrate your space desires and your heating budget with the overall design of your home.

The same goes for the stretched volumes, the large surface of the walls and ceilings, and even more of the glazed surface. If large rooms with large windows create a beautiful brightness and a space effect, they also increase the heating bills. It is therefore important to use the right building materials by providing adequate insulation – wall insulation, double or triple glazing for Windows – and to think of parts as compact as possible, avoiding the creation of hallways, Spaces lost for the habitat but still need to be heated.

Large bay-glass
Large bay-glass

In general, it will also be necessary to consider the grouping of the parts according to their functions, night parts – day parts and the arrangement of the ancillary parts, in order to improve the management of the heating according to the different periods of the day and Maximize the use of the best spaces for living rooms. Or, create large multi-function loft-type volumes, if your desires for spaces meet fewer constraints and the climate or local environment allow less heat.

In any case, you will have to design the parts of your house with the furniture that will equip it and the necessary storage spaces: windows or doors are not always judicious in some places. Of course, thanks to his expertise in home design and construction, an architect will be able to take into account all your constraints to design the house that suits you.

Kitchen combine with dining room
Kitchen combine with dining room

Interior architecture
The different rooms inside a house correspond to its different functions. They are most often grouped according to the type of activities that concern them, rather by day – relaxation, meal, work, kitchen – or rather night – sleep, toilet – as well as ancillary or complementary activities – storage, machinery, garage, etc.

Interior vaulted ceiling in a houseboat-shaped house
Interior vaulted ceiling in a houseboat-shaped house

Space optimization
Depending on your terrain, the constraints and design freedoms it will bring to the exterior architecture of your home, the interior of your home is also strongly influenced by the available space, environment, climate and field orientation, etc.

The articulation of the different rooms, or the agglomeration of different functions in the same space as in a loft, has some impact in the definition of the lifestyle of the occupants of a house, but also for its operating costs and Maintenance, especially its energy needs.

The suppression of corridors, purely circulatory spaces lost for everyday activities, and the aesthetic transfiguration of stairs, indispensable, but not useful and cumbersome, is also important in the design of modern houses, Beautiful, practical and smart, where every square meter is optimized for important activities and space printing.

A warm and well-designed interior
The choice of materials used indoors, as well as their colors or those of their paints and coatings will also be important for the creation of a warm and energy-hungry House: choice of colors, use of materials of Naturally insulating construction as in a wooden house, double glazing which let light pass through but not the cold for large canopies that open the rooms to live on the outside and the space, translucent or half-height partitions That let the light penetrate into every nook and cranny.

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