Designing the interior of a house according to the outside

Designing the interior of a house according to the outside

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Although the exterior architecture of a house gives it its style, or even its personality, it is inside that the real issue of the quality of life and the realization of the special needs of the occupants is found. Comfort, space, light, conviviality, energy savings are all aspects that need to be taken into account when designing, for the architecture of a living space that responds to everyone’s lifestyle and promotes well-being on a daily basis.
Layout of House Parts and Interior Design

Layout of House parts and interior design: The layout of the parts

The layout of the rooms inside a house is one of the fundamental elements that defines the space and the lifestyle of the inhabitants. By the compartmentalization of individual parts or the creation of open spaces, the articulation of the different functions of a house has a practical dimension which must incorporate the needs of each one and

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