Prism Home Model

Prism Home Model

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Prism Home Model is like speaks all languages and defies the sky from the top of a tower where you can contemplate the blue with multiple stars.
Traditional Architecture rich, ambiance opulent, it can be bourgeois or poetic. The arcades of its terrace wide open on the pool and the garden invite to the conviviality and the joy. In a turn of hand it will seduce you.
Home Surface 125m²

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PRISM games is an extension of PRISM for probabilistic model checking of stochastic multi player games See the website and read the papers for more

PRISM Climate Group, Oregon State U

The PRISM Climate Group gathers climate observations from a wide range of monitoring networks applies sophisticated quality control measures and


Prism Diversified pairs mineral resources and leading edge technology for the commercial production of high value commodities including carbonyl iron

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PRISM Climate Group, Oregon State U

Time series datasets since 1981 are modeled using climatologically aided interpolation (CAI) which uses the long term average pattern (i e the 30 year