Traditional Wendy house worksheet

Traditional Wendy house worksheet

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Traditional Wendy House – The plan of this traditional house has the advantage of adapting to all the regions. With its 75, 93m ² of living space, this property is ideal for family life. Its kitchen dining room of 14,87m² Open on the living room of 17,31m² forms a spacious living room. Very bright, its large windows will allow you to enjoy a beautiful natural light and to have a direct view on your garden and your swimming pool.
Traditional Wendy House
The 3 rooms are served by a hallway which also leads to the bathroom with separate WC. The fact that this House is full foot is also an advantage for toddlers or people with reduced mobility since all rooms are easily accessible.
Feel free and take inspiration from this architect’s house for the construction of your own individual house. With, find the right architect and the right professionals to make

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