Saint-Laurent where there are many LEED-certified homes

Saint-Laurent where there are many LEED-certified homes

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What is a green house worth? – The environmental awareness of Quebecers is undeniable. Their interest in the energy economy is growing. And their curiosity for “green” houses is very real. That said, few consider environmental certifications as an added value that convinces them to pay more for their property.
The green House of Gilles Drouin and Louise Laferrière in Eastman, Bâptisée Ecoterra
Conquered pioneers
Almost 10 years ago, Gilles Drouin and Louise Laferrière became the first inhabitants of the Ecoterra House, near Eastman. A property whose ecological innovations were so numerous that foreign tourist coaches often landed at home to visit it. Today, on the verge of selling their home “coup de coeur”, they tell their experience.
In 2009, why did you buy this House?
Gilles Drouin: We were first seduced by the living environment, the architecture and the proximity to Sherbrooke, where my wife’s daughter had just been giving birth. We also had

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What is a LEED Certified Home?

LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a certification program for green building There are numerous levels and ratings within this certification program that recognize best in class building strategies for homes offices new construction schools hospitals retail and much more


Adding in a certification process may seem too daunting for many homeowners but it’s worth it There here are some of the many benefits of LEED certified homes: when you sign up for Medium

LEED for Homes GreenHome Institute

There are many ways to get education for LEED for Homes GHI offers in person webinar based and on demand trainings Contact us to plan a course for your team or as a public offering Here is a free 1 hour CE introduction to the LEED for Homes rating system and below is the full 8 house session both on demand

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When it comes to being LEED certified there are numerous classifications including: Certified Silver Gold and the highest sought after Platinum Sep 26 Green home improvements that will attract buyers Feb 18 Feb 18 Green buildings must do more to fix our climate emergency

Can you guess how many LEED APs there are? Building ...

Can you guess how many LEED APs there are? Green April 28 2013 Rob Cassidy Go ahead take a guess 10 000? Way low 50 000? LEED AP Homes – 608 LEED AP ID+C the LEED AP credential we like best is LEED AP BD+C So nice of the USGBC to name it after the acronym for Building Design+Construction right down to the use of the plus

10 Facts About the LEED Ratings System HowStuffWorks

10 facts about the LEED ratings system are explained in this article by HowStuffWorks Check out this article to learn 10 facts about the LEED ratings system (USGBC) is a certification for buildings that have a reduced environmental impact You can get a home LEED certified by making improvements (homes that earn 50 59 points